Membership Criteria


1. All persons interested in any branch of Botany, pure and applied, shall be eligible for memberships.
2. The Society shall consist of the following classes of members: (a) Honorary members (b) Life members and (c) Ordinary members.
3. Members shall be admitted to the Society after being, duly proposed and seconded by two ordinary members, either by the unanimous vote of the Executive Council or at a general meeting on the recommendations of the Executive Council.
  Ordinary and Life members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Society and shall receive, free of charge, all the publications of the Society, except such special publi­cations which the Executive Council may decide 'to issue to members on payment of cost of publication.
4. Any Ordinary Member or person eligible for ordinary membership paying at a time 10 years annual subscription shall be a Life member.
5. Honorary member shall be persons of either sex, eminent for their contributions or services to Botany. Their number shall be limited to ten and not more than one shall be elected each year. Honorary members shall be elected on the recommendation of' the Council and by a majority of 3/15ths of the members present and voting, at an Annual General Meeting. They shall enjoy all the privileges of ordinary members, excepting that of' voting or holding office and shall be exempted from payment of subscriptions.

Membership Fees

  INR US $
Life member 3000.00 2000.00
Annual Member 300.00 200.00
Admission Fee 100.00 10.00

Present Enrolment of Members

Honorary Member : 2
Life Member : 320
Annual Member : 48

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