Instruction to Author


Manuscript should be typed in ‘Times New Roman’ font with ample margins, one and half spaced and in double column (except the portion containing the title, authors’ names and addresses, abstract, and key wo r d s ) , a n d ma i l e d t o t h e E d i t o r a t in the following formats : for text Microsoft Word, for tables Excel format, and for figures JPG or TIF format in separate files.

The title of papers should explain authors’ objectives. Papers should be written in lucid English and must contain relevant information to explain results, and are subdivided as follows : i) Abstract, ii) Key words, iii) Introduction, iv) Material and Method, v) Results, vi) Discussion, vii) Acknowledgement, if any, viii) References. In case of descriptive articles other subdivisions may be permitted.

The number of illustrations and tables should be kept to a minimum. Photographs may be minimized to fit one column. If there is more than one photograph in a plate, these should be clear and of same intensity. If necessary, hand-drawing with India ink, on a Bristol board should be made. Appropriate position of tables and figures should be indicated in the hard copies. A current issue of the journal or the World List of the Scientific Periodicals may be consulted for this purpose.

Plant names must conform to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, and be in italics, when a name is first cited, the complete scientific name with author citation is desirable. Later, genus initial may be used followed by species name.

Abbreviations should be used sparingly. Standard chemical symbols are accepted. However, when an abbreviation is first used the full term should be mentioned with the abbreviation within parentheses.

The number of the figures, photographs and the title of the paper should be written on the back of each figure and photograph. In calculating the degree of reduction of the figures, authors should keep in mind the column-size (7.5 cm) as well the page-size (16.25 cm x 20 cm) of the journal. Tables and figures should be numbered in Arabic and submitted in separate sheets. Tables concerning experiments should have brief legends containing description of the experiments so that data are intelligible to the readers. Legends of figures should also be submitted in a separate sheet.

Citations in the text should be as follows : Sharma and Sharma (1994); ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ etc. to distinguish between papers of same author(s) published in the same year and cited in the text. Sample citations are given below:

Chakraborty, H.L. 1954. Morphology of the staminate flowers of Cucurbitaceae with special reference to the evolution of stamens. Bull. Bot. Soc. Bengal, 8 : 186-213.

Sharma, A.K. and Sharma, A. 1994. Chromosome Technique : A Manual. Harood Academic Publications, Reading, UK.

Chawdhury, M.S. 1977. Effect of soil antagonists on symbiosis. In, J.M. Vincent, A.S. Whitney and J. Bose (Eds.) Exploiting the Legume Rhizobium symbiosis in Tropical Agriculture. Niftal, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Roy, C. 1996. Pollen Morphology of Malvales with Reference to Taxonomy and Affinity. Ph.D Dissertation University of Calcutta (unpublished).

Proofs of the articles if sent to the authors, the same must be returned to the Editor within seven days of receiving the proofs. Corrections at the proof stage involving deviations from the text are not permissible and are chargeable to the authors. Only e-reprints will be provided to the corresponding author wef January 1, 2020.

Publication : Journal of the Botanical Society of Bengal is a peer reviewed journal and published biannualy and issued usually during June and December of each year.

Editor-in-Chief : Professor Subir Bera, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta.

Cheques and bank drafts issued should be drawn in favour of Botanical Society of Bengal.

Contents : The Editors will be glad to consider all types of the scientific communications and Book Reviews on Botany and allied subjects for the publication in the Journal, after approval of the referees.

Page charges : Because of the high cost of printing, block making etc. payment of processing charge is mandatory. Processing charges are subjected to change at any time. The rate will be Rs.400.00 per page (wef. January 1, 2020). Printing of colour plate will be extra @Rs.3000.00 per plate.

Membership : Membership of the Botanical Society of Bengal is open to all persons interested in Botany. Membership forms are available from the Office of the Society, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, Kolkata 700019. The annual membership fee is 300.00 (domestic) or US$ 200.00 (foreign) and is due on April 1st each year. The life Membership fee is 3000.00 (domestic) or US$ 2000.00 (foreign). The admission fee is 100.00 (domestic) or US$ 10.00 (foreign).

Mail all your orders including back volumes and special issues to : Secretary, Botanical Society of Bengal, 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata 700 019, West Bengal, India.

Twelve and half per cent discount are allowed to Book Sellers and Purchasers only.

Postage and packing charges extra.

Symbols and abbreviations to be used

Prefixes to the Units of
Volume names of units
Units of time
Kilo (101) K second sec
Deca (102) D hour hr
Mega (106) M day day
Giga (109) G month month
Tera (1012) T year yr
deci (10-1) d
centi (10-2) c Units of concentration
mili (10-3) m molar M
micro (10-6) m millimolar mM
nano (10-9) n micromolar mM
pico (10-12) p
femto (10-13) f Units of length
atto (10-18) a meter m
liter l centimeter cm
milliliter ml millimeter mm
microlitre ml micrometer mm
Units of mass nanometer nm
Kilogram kg Angstrom (0.1) A
gram g
milligram mg Units of temperature
microgram mg Kelvin k
Celsius C

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Vol. 40 (1986) to Vol. 55 (2002) = Rs. 200.00 £ 35.00
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